Post Image Podgey and Mrs Steako celebrated the lifting of the pastie tax today and it got me thinking about some of the things I no longer eat anymore - either because they just don't fit into my lifestyle or because on balance when I weigh up the amount of enjoyment I get from eating said thing - set against the amount of Weight Watcher Pro Points I am obliged to enter onto my tracker - the food has been found wanting.

Chips | OH lord, there are days I'd trade his first and second born for a twist of chippos. I have blogged elsewhere, before about the best chips in the world - (hands down from Olleys in Brixton, twice cooked, large copper kettles and they sell maui-maui, surely the prince of fish). I gave up eating chips regularly a long time ago. If you are still a chippaholic - then make sure you have the absolute best and don't eat a huge portion. For me, I have ended the affair. *sobs gently...

Booze | I gave up the demon drink the first time I set sail on the good ship WW Tracker. I quickly realised that points-wise,  I could eat 'em or drink 'em and while I liked a drink - lord ha' mercy I liked a drink - I liked to eat waaaaay more. So I gave it up - and I never went back. I don't get hangovers, I don't wake up, freezing, in next door's garden missing a shoe and wearing some bloke's underpants (yes it happened, I'm not proud of it - but hell! that musta been a great night ay?) and I no longer need to go face down into 300 PPs worth of Greasy Joe's finest to soak up the alcohol I haven't managed to sweat out from the night before.

Biscuits | Don't get me wrong, I still have a biccy or two - but all pointed and not every day like before. We got into the habit of having a flapjack or a few biccies every day at around 3pm - (ooh would you look at the time, I'd better speed this blog up). So there would always be biscuits in the tin - and then there would always be a reason to take advantage of the offers - 'All them biccies for just £2.00! BARGAIN!). Trouble is one biccy became three and every day - then again after tea and boom shakkalakka, my backside grew exponentially!

Curry | Oh oh oh! The cruelest cut of all - yes, yes, I know you can make you're own - have you read my blogs? What about me have you learned that would suggest I spend anything more than 30 mins tops on food prep? I don't even go for the creamy curry - I really love chicken tikka - the sizzly one with onions - but even without naan, or picks and pops - just the chicken tikkle and a sag paneer - I'm having to make bargains with the weigh in god - and you know how stubborn he is!  So curry is off the menu as a regular thing. And don't get me started on the tragic avoidance of Cosmo - (all you can eat asian buffet they practically give away the food it's so cheap, and good! SOOOOO GOOOD).

Sprouts | To be honest I've never eaten sprouts they are the devil's testic1es in my opinion. Our family is split into Sproutians and Nonsproutians and I know which one's I trust. Still as I'm giving things up in the name of this diet. I figured I might as well chuck a few things in I don't like. So there.

Baked Goods | Which brings us neatly back to iPodge and Mrs Steako (in pic). So delighted by the lifting of the Pasty Tax, podgey announced he was going to celebrate with a pasty on a Tuesday. Mrs Steako is the result - we just missed the bake and he had to settle for a medium - supplemented with some mini pies...

 (Normally it's bakery Thursday which usually happens on a Friday - oh keep up at the back!). I no longer eat baked goods - no pasties, sausage rolls, pork pies, patties or samosas for me. I also try to eat as little bread as possible including fancy rolls, wraps and delicious fresh squishy bread from Joes. Partly wheat issues,  mainly bloaty fat belly issues and all mourned weekly as podgey and the boys come home bearing their baked goods aloft - smelling divine and tasting crumbtastic.

On the flip | I now eat lots more fruit in ever more fancy combinations. Mini meringues, Yoo Moo, Chocphillyfilth, veggie mash & I have adopted porridge as my best friend. x