Thursday, 28 June 2012

Detachable Cheese Norks

I am a genius. I know that tag is bandied about too freely in this age of aching impressionability but truly I am.

I give you my latest concept - which I feel sure you will agree is nothing short of game changing for both the lingerie and dairy industries.

Detachable Cheese Norks!

Late last night, after a huge supper (brought in for 8PP* on account of my other great talent - cooking lots of veggies) I was struck with on of my brilliant ideas. What if we could be fitted with removable b00bs fashioned out of cheese. No, no wait before you dismiss me as a madwoman. Hear me out.

We're losing weight right? There's spare capacity in our bras. The people at M&S seem hell bent on making us feel inadequate because the weight loss is making our jugs a little less than firm and so we are struggling to plump out the cups! So.... how about...

Detachable Cheese Norks... they'll come in a number of different cup sizes and type  - you could have The Cheddah Balconette, just enough to fill a half cup or  The Strapless Leerdammer - with edible t*t tape to stick them firmly in place. We wouldn't have to stop there.

We could have a range of edible straps - like parma ham, or streaky bacon... Hell we could have procuitto bras. OMG - matching knickers or, or, or complementary removable ham b*ms. I'm thinking tie ups with J Lo - a supermarket deal - M&S would be ideal - lingerie and high end charcuterie.

What about edible n*pple tassles? Oh man now that is a brrrrr illiant idea. C'MON! Made from olives and cheese string... I'm telling ya girls - we could make a fortune.

I woke up this morning still thinking about it - and that is one of my teflon coated indicators that an idea has legs. In fact when I discussed it with iPodge he mentioned that all we would need then is some sort of bakery product.

In unison we chorused - Baguette Arms and Legs!

The possibilities are endless - I haven't even started on the scotch egg and sausage products. ;)

This is the big one my friends - this idea is gonna make me a million.

Don't worry - I won't forget the little people. I'll employ someone to write My Big Fat Silly Blog when I am cruising down the coast on my Big Fat Silly Boat.

*Weight Watcher Pro points

Pic Ref: I'm suing this b*tch for industrial espionage!

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  1. Where can I order my Cheddah Balconette? Hahaha! Genius!!